How To Get Guaranteed Website Traffic For Free

How MUCH of Your Advertising BUDGET is WASTED?

Considering between 16% to 25% of Marketing emails are ever OPENED
(that’s considered a “good” send), and that’s a LOT of Wasted Money.

Of those Opened, Only About 1 – 3% Result in a Visit to the Website Featured.

It’s time to STOP using HOPE as an Advertising Tool and Start Using the SHURADS 100% Guaranteed Advertising Platform!

100% Open Rate
100% Website Visit Rate

Now THAT is How You get Real Results!

PLUS, as an affiliate of ShurAds, Your Advertising Actually GENERATES Income!
We’re talking about the Income Generating Advertising Platform (IGAP)
with the Following Ways to Fatten Your Wallet:

Monthly Residual Referral Bonuses
Ad Credit Purchase Bonus
1×2 Forced Progressive Activity Based IG System
4 Level Matching Cycle Cash Bonus
4 Level Matching Cycle Ad Credit Bonus

ShurAds is crypto-based,and even Free Members in can Earn Bitcoin!


How does the guaranteed advertising work?
With ShurAds, you get 100% usage of your credits (none wasted) with 100% views and 100% visits. If your ad is not read and visited within 7 days of sending, you get that credit back.

Example: You send out to 1,000, if 726 get viewed and visited within 7 days of being sent, you get the 274 unused credits back in your account to send another mail ad to.

This way you never have wasted advertising and you’re getting the maximum out of your advertising dollars. PLUS, your advertising credits generate BMS(s) to submit to the IGAP matrix, which in turn, generates money for you!
Does every member have to read mail ads and view websites to get paid?
There is an ad viewing requirement for submitting your BMS (Bonus Matrix Submissions) to the Activity Based Bonus Matrix.

The requirements vary based on your membership level. To submit your BMS, you need:
Basic: minimum ads to view in a week = 10Builder 1: minimum ads to view in a week = 7Builder 2: minimum ads to view in a week = 4Builder 3: minimum ads to view in a week = 2 .
What Is Ad View Reward?
When you click on a mail ad and then visit the website in that ad for a set amount of time, you receive an Ad View Reward (AVR). This AVR can be converted to Redeem Credit Rewards (RCR) ,and then to Bonus Matrix Submissions (BMS).
Why is it required to view ads each day?
This is an effortless way to earn additional FREE BMS. Every affiliate level can view up to 50 per day and depending on your affiliate level, doing this daily can generate you one free BMS every 4 to 7 days. EACH BMS can generate you up to $25.25 depending on the affiliate level you are at.


Another website where you can get guaranteed views to your links is Guaranteed Solomails. Here you know how many views you will get for each mailing you are to send. For instance,1000 mailing credits spent on mailing gets you 20+ guaranteed views,2000 credits gets you 40+ guaranteed views. Stop wasting time on sites that do not deliver. Sign up at Guaranteed Solomails.

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